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String bikini - TETI - Desert Rose

String bikini - TETI - Desert Rose

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Teti, goddess of the seas and oceans par excellence, is the name we have chosen for this solid color bikini.

The swimsuit with laces is very versatile and can be adjusted according to your body.

Playing with its laces, the top can be worn in three different ways. Maybe you'll even find a quarter!

This bikini is available in the following colors: cherries, crocodile, desert rose



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Care Instructions

Remember that the swimsuit must at least be rinsed every time you return from the sea or the pool. A little running water will eliminate the last traces of salt, sand or chlorine and is already a good step forward in keeping it at its best!

Do not wash it in the washing machine but soak it in warm water with a mild detergent such as Marseille soap and rinse it with cold water.

For sunscreen and oil stains, proceed as follows:
- solar oil: just a few drops of dish soap, rub gently and rinse thoroughly.
-sunscreen: moisten the soiled area with cold water and rub gently with Marseille soap. Then cover with baking soda and let it absorb. After a few hours, rinse thoroughly

The costume should not be dried in the sun. Direct rays can easily discolor it. Put it outdoors in a shaded area.

It is important to wash your swimsuit properly before putting it away for the next season. When it's time to put it away, do not wrap it in plastic bags: they tend to turn the fabric yellow. Use a cloth bag, and remember to untie the string knots.

View full details a bathing suit for those who want to express themselves, for those who let themselves be lulled by the waves, for those who experience light moments full of energy.