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Draining leggings - FEEL - Midnight black

Draining leggings - FEEL - Midnight black

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It is a high-waisted leggings suitable for any occasion, in everyday life or for sports. The yarn used transforms the body's heat to increase the general well-being of the skin. The benefits and results are many:

-draining and toning effect

-improvement of microcirculation

-increased skin elasticity

-reduction of cellulite blemishes

-softer and younger looking skin.

In sport it contributes to the improvement of sports performance, accelerating muscle recovery and ensuring comfort and well-being.

The leggings with high-waisted band shape the tummy and hips and thanks to the "shape-up" effect, enhance the butt side.

They are the most loved and sold thanks to their wearability.

Black colour


Emana fabric - is an intelligent polyamide-based yarn with infrared technology, called FIR, which uses the heat of the human body to increase the general well-being of the skin. Thanks to the minerals contained in the fibre, it is able to absorb body heat and return it naturally to the skin, improving microcirculation. The benefits and results are many, from the increase in skin elasticity to the reduction of cellulite blemishes, making the skin softer and younger looking.

The technology is incorporated into the DNA of the yarn, which is why it never loses its effectiveness even after repeated washings. Contains no active ingredients.

Opaque effect fabric.

The elasticity of the yarn allows you to have a unique
size that fits perfectly to every body.

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Care Instructions

It dries quickly and holds up well to repeated washing. It can be machine washed up to 30° and should not be ironed

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Eliminate water retention!